&quote;The next time we went down to the cellar we found that the ceiling over the stairs had collapsed in a welter of dust, cobwebs and ancient lath and plaster. I had wondered why our stairs were more draughty than usual...&quote;If you thought living in a stately home was all gleaming banisters, visiting aristocracy and priceless antiques, then Dry Rot and Daffodils is a must-read. Throughout her years living at Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk Mary Mackie has encountered dry rot, leaking roofs, visting children who leave bubble-gum on the antiques - and a complete lack of privacy.Full of anecdotes that are always enlightening, often funny and sometimes almost unbelievable, Dry Rot and Daffodils is a wonderfully entertaining account of what it's really like to live in a National Trust house.

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