Focusing on issues in the management and governance of IT innovation, this book links concepts and theories of academic learning to actual real-life scenarios from the successful experiences of public and private sector organisations in Singapore. While there is little disagreement that innovation is the fundamental source of value creation and competitive advantage, investment in IT to support and foster innovation by no means guarantees success. There are various issues to be considered, such as the question of processes and structures that need to be in place in order to maximise value, how to leverage IT innovation to formulate constantly evolving strategies so as to seize emergent opportunities, and how to overcome challenges faced in implementation, amongst World Scientific Publishing Company. Suitable as a complement to main texts for academic courses on accounting information systems and management information systems, as well as a guide for business professionals in this field, the book provides a concise introduction on the subject through the use of case studies and teaching notes, affording a broad perspective on the most important issues.

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