NEARLY 200 TRACINGS AND 150 CASES TEACH YOU THE ART AND SCIENCE OF ECG INTERPRETATIONWritten to be the go-to resource for residents and students on cardiology rotation, ECG Rounds replicates the experience of having a master clinician rounding with you--skillfully linking ECG abnormalities to a particular case.The author presents a set of tracings, which when taken together, demonstrate most of the abnormalities thata generalist physician trainee should be familiar with. Each tracing is followed by clinical questions and fullyexplained answers designed to reinforce important electrocardiographic concepts.192 TRACINGS DETAIL:Normals, Normal Variants, and ArtifactsNarrow Complex TachycardiasWide Complex TachycardiasBradycardias and BlocksChamber Enlargement and HypertrophyIschemiaMyocardium, Pericardium, and Pulmonary Artery Ingestions, Electrolyte Abnormalities, and Exposures Syndromes, Riddles, and Miscellaneous ArrhythmiaRather than encouraging you to memorize endless facts, ECG Rounds focuses on practical interpretation basedon reasoning and process. The design allows you to choose tracings by level of difficulty, teaching topic, orsequentially as presented in the book.

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