Would you like to: learn how to install a solar panel on your roof ? build with cob or straw bales? learn how to keep bees, or make cider? see wind and hydro power in action? learn how to safeguard seed varieties for the future? take part in a wildlife workshop?Then you need Eco-Centres & Courses! This book gives over 150 places which offer fun days out and/or practical courses on a wide variety of subjects. Whether you're looking for an interesting day out or a wanting to learn more about different aspects of green living, Eco-Centres & Courses has the information you need. Besides listing a large number of courses, Eco-Centres & Courses includes eco-centres both big and small-such as the Eden Project, the Dorset Centre for Rural Skills, the Falmouth Green Centre in Cornwall and the Magdalen Project in Somerset-where you can meet and talk to people working on the development of sustainable lifestyles, and see demonstrations of eco-technologies.

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