This volume provides a synthesis of long-term ecological analyses in the Bornhöved Lake District as a representative landscape of northern Germany. The emphasis is on the comprehensive assessment of matter and energy fluxes in and between the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and their biocoenotic structures and dynamics on the one hand, and on transdisciplinary landscape planning approaches on the other. In each respect the development of novel hierarchical modelling approaches at various spatial and temporal scales is fundamental to the understanding of the structure and function of systems and to integrative resource management strategies. Thus, the book is not only commendable for ecologists, but is equally useful for botanists, zoologists, geographers, landscape planners, soil scientists, agronomers, hydrologists, climatologists and other scientists interested in energy balances or the quality and quantity of waterflows and nutrient cycles, and managers looking for relevant case studies and model answers to their questions.

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