Principles of Effective Leadership has been designed to provide learning for employees with the express objective of empowering individuals to take more responsibility of their behavior and performance. Increased leadership skills moves individuals and teams to increased resilience in the face of change, enhanced performance and greater success!This Learning Short-take includes activities to help to motivate, illustrate key learning points, demonstrate important skills and 'drill down' to the drivers of behavior. It provides key concepts of communication, team building, leadership style, individual and team motivation, performance, and interpersonal skills. It covers both the essential theory and practical skills for successful leadership of teams and participants create a personal action plan.Learning Objectives Define of the relationship between leadership and management. Understand the meaning of vision, mission and values. Know the role of leader as coach. Apply the theory of the functional and situational approaches to leadership. Work on the personal qualities of leadership and to display the will to lead. Have a high regard for communication in the leadership process and to develop the ability to communicate. List ways to influence motivation for each member of your team.

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