The book provides a comprehensive and in-depth view on the state-of-the-art embedded memory technologies. The book helps practicing engineers grasp key technology attributes and advanced design techniques in nano-scale VLSI design. It also helps them make decisions concerning the right design tradeoffs in real product development. This book first provides an overview on the landscape and trend of embedded memory in various VLSI system designs, including high-performance microprocessor, low-power mobile handheld devices, micro-controllers, and various consumer electronics. It then shows an in-depth view on each different type of embedded memory technology, including high-speed SRAM, ultra-low-voltage and alternative SRAM, embedded DRAM, embedded nonvolatile memory, and emerging or so-called universal memories such as FeRAM, MRAM, and PRAM. Each topic covers all the key technology attributes from a product application perspective, ranging from technology scaling challenges to advanced circuit techniques for achieving optimal design tradeoff in performance and power. As VLSI systems become increasingly dependent on on-die memory to provide adequate memory bandwidth for various applications, the book gives readers a broader view of this important field and helps them to achieve their optimal design goals for different applications. This book provides readers a broad knowledge on the entire embedded memory technologies in order to better comprehend the technologies and create optimal memory solutions in real applications.

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