Our lives are a unique and beautiful dance to which we must not step faster or slower than the music of our souls... This book takes you on a journey of self discovery and encourages you to embrace every part of who you are. Delightful poetry for the soul & spirit paired with short stories that impart wisdom speak to the heart and are guaranteed to make you smile. What others have to say about Embrace Every Facet: "She eloquently invites us to take our minds on a journey. Her words poetically resound like a soulful melodic tune playing a deep spiritual chorus in time. Each page flows from her heart and radiates light in darkness, peace in the midst of a storm, joy in sorrow and a faith that remains steadfast no matter what life may bring." Christal M.N. Jenkins, Author & Speaker Discovering the True Love Within, LIVE! and God Crazy Freedom "Kristina embraces the vulnerability and emotional challenges of living with Multiple Sclerosis with grace and thankfulness. She has helped me learn how to live with joy and peace in the present moment instead of fearing the future. Her words are a true gift to the human soul." A fellow Multiple Sclerosis warrior.

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