This volume features 20 novels and short stories by the writing team of Emile Erckmann (1822-1899) and Alexandre Chatrian (1826-1890), two of the most popular French authors of their age. They were noted for their horror stories and historical novels. Included in this volume are:THE MYSTERIOUS SKETCHLEX TALIONISTHE MAN-WOLFMYRTLEUNCLE CHRISTIAN'S INHERITANCETHE BEAR-BAITINGTHE SCAPEGOATA NIGHT IN THE WOODSTHE QUEEN OF THE BEESA FOREST BETROTHALTHE DEAN'S WATCHTHE OWL'S EARTHE INVISIBLE EYETHE WATERS OF DEATH THE THREE SOULSTHE CONSCRIPTWATERLOOTHE BLOCKADE OF PHALSBURGTHE INVASION OF FRANCE IN 1814THE PLBISCITEAnd don't forget to search this ebook store for &quote;Wildside Megapack&quote; to see more entries in this series, covering classic authors and subjects like mysteries, science fiction, westerns, ghost stories -- and much, much more!

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