Helps women put first things first so that she can live a more confident, fulfilled life.How does a woman keep the cares of this world, and the enticements that it offers, from choking out the essentials of following God? Essentials for Life for Women helps them get back to the basics of what matters most with a fresh perspective on four core essentials of the Christian life:What do I believe?How do I grow closer to God?What should my character and life reflect?How do I live my life every day?Essentials for Life for Women offers fifty daily or weekly readings that each include a key life principle, scripture and quotes, meditation, and an application. Each discussion offers hope and a sense of peace and well-being by focusing on life with an eternal perspective.The content offers spiritual truth while the interior graphic design, including sidebars and visuals, enhances the readability and the impact of each core essential.

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