This RSPB-endorsed book answers all those burning questions aboutbirds that beginners and experts alike may ask themselves as they goabout their birding. How do ducks keep their feet from freezing inwinter? Why dont swallows stay in Africa? Are birds really dinosaurs,or were dinosaurs really birds? How is it decided whether bird speciesshould be split or lumped? Taking a questions and answers approach, each specific questionleads to an answer which expands the theme under discussion, so thatall aspects of bird life and the hobby of birding are covered. Thescientifically rigorous answers together form an impressive andfascinating body of bird-related information. This highly readable bookwill intrigue anyone with an interest in birds. "Concise and informative, in a chatty everyday style... a great book for dipping into." Birds"Packed with hundreds of questions that anyone broadly interested inbirds might ask, each one answered in an easy-to-understand manner.Excellent for anyone, new to birdwatching or not." BTO News

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