It is transition time on planet Earth, and we are the transition team. Our job is nothing less than to break from millenniums of fear-based thinking and the human imperative to dominate and control, and move toward our divine connection. The domination/subservient paradigm under which we have toiled has kept us in a hamster wheel of shame, blame, and guilt, with the perpetual need to judge, condemn and punish ourselves and each other. It is time to break free, and Fearless Thinking shows us how. Carol Aubrey destroys the myths that are destroying us and halts old-age thinking in its tracks. Shining the light on the path to authenticity in our lives, she inspires us to think and act fearlessly. The great shift or evolutionary leap that we are on the brink of making is spiritual in nature, happening inside each of us as we consciously free ourselves from the prison of old mindsets. We ourselves embody the shift to a world beyond fear. Sparking our imaginative and co-creative powers by providing new languaging and a new outlook, Carol Aubrey invites us to discern the remarkable and challenging gameboard of life and to view ourselves as powerful, purposeful and intentional players on this gameboard.

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