This is a brilliant book from former Shropshire primary school teacher, poet, actor, church minister and artist. Now Carole Anne Carr from Ludlow can definitely add children's novelist to her list of many talents. In her first book, aimed at 10+, she uses her expertise and life experiences to create First Wolf. Youngsters are plunged into a vibrant adventure with enough energy and realism to keep them on the edge of their seats without it being too heavy or too grown-up to cope with.Together with Carole's Anglo-Saxon hero Toland, young readers will be transported on a journey to an incredible world. Along the way, they learn about truth, honesty, and friendship, and that good always triumphs over evil. After visiting historical places with her schoolchildren, Carole used the sites to encourage children to create their own music, paintings, to write their own stories and poetry, and to make mathematical models, all of these experiences forming a basis for her novels.

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