There are things I havent said. Things I want to say again. I need to think. I need more time. A sudden shock, and a mans life flashes before his eyes. He experiences an intense rush of extraordinary images and tangled memories, revelations and lost connections. People time and places swirl around him. As he valiantly attempts to stitch it all back together, will his luck hold out? The plays conceit follows a man who hassuffereda stroke and thenexperiences a series of flashbacks. Trapped within his own head, the audience are taken with him through a whistlestop tour of his life and a series of vivid, often painful episodesfrom a childhood tragedyto a crumbling marriage. In a beguiling portrait of mortality and humanity,Freefall exploresmemory, family and loss.From the author of Dublin by Lamplight and Foley, Freefall reunitesaward-winning Irish playwrightMichael West with The Corn Exchange: Dublins innovativetheatre companywho explorethe boundaries and possibilities of theatrewiththeir trademark style of Commedia dellArte.Freefall is asharp, humorous and exhilarating look at the fragility of a human life,blending impressionistic beauty, poignancy and comedy.

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