The purpose of the Fringe Proceedings is to present to engineers, scientists and industrial experts the state of the art and the impact of Optical Metrology in Imaging, Surface Monitoring, Stress Analysis, Non-Destructive Testing, Quality Control, and related fields. Topics of particular interest are: new Methods and Tools for the Generation, Acquisition, Processing, and Evaluation of Data in Optical Metrology (Digital Wavefront Engineering), application Enhanced Technologies in Optical Metrology (Addressing enhanced Resolution, Reliability and Flexibility), 4D Optical Metrology over a Large Scale Range (from Macro to Nano), Hybrid Measurement Techniques (Sensor Fusion and the Unification of Modeling, Simulation and Experiment), New Optical Sensors and Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection. Special emphasis is put on modern measurement strategies, taking into account the active combination of physical modeling, computer aided simulation and experimental data acquisition. Special emphasis is directed towards new approaches for the extension of existing resolution limits that open the gates to wide scale metrology, ranging from nano to macro, by using advanced optical sensor systems.

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