Micro-independent software vendors, or micro-ISVs, have become both a major source of applications and a realistic career alternative for IT professionals. But the road from being a contract developer, working for others to develop custom solutions for them, to self-sustaining business can be confusing, jagged, and downright dangerous.
For developers who have code they've created for someone else, but believe there's a greater demand and opportunity for it, this book has the roadmap and the answers. It is written in a non-technical style, friendly, conversational style, and is filled with excerpts, advice, and war stories from someone who's been in the trenches for years.
This book is not a general software business reference, like our MicroISV book or the Eric Sink book. It's specifically for readers who have an existing project, or an idea for one, and want to turn it into a product. They can follow this book for the best chance of success.

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