Funny Dog & Cat Poems for Kids & Rhyming Books for Children (Dog & Cat Jerks): 2 in 1 Compilation of Volume 2 & 3


Let yourself be wowed and dive into a totally new genre of dog and unicorn jerkiness because you won't believe how these jerks are acting when they think nobody is watching them... Inside this hilarious rhyming books for children you'll find jerky dog poems for kids and jerky cat moments like: * Stinky Pink * Fighting Laws Are Not For Jerks * The Mean Latrine * Kitty Litter & Dusty Glitter * Scooping & Pooping * Evil Green Eyes * The Hypnotizing & Traumatizing Cat's Ball Of Fur * Turns Out Jerkier Than You Might Think * The Perky Bullfrog Trick * Pee Wee Herman Philosophy * Soggy Doggy * The Flirt-Schooled Lord Of Misrule and lots more... Download this hilarious 2 in 1 compilation of "Cats Are Just Really Big Jerks! Volume 2 and "Dogs Are Just Really Big Jerks!" Volume 3 right now and enjoy some unforgettable jerk moments with your kids...

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