Medicine is undergoing a group of interrelated revolutions that are dramatically changing how health care will be administered. These megatrends are occurring in areas that include genomics, imaging, pharmaceuticals, the operating room, and alternative and complementary medicine. Unfortunately, those who stand to benefit the most-the general public-have been in the dark, lacking information in a language they can understand. In The Future of Medicine, you discover not only what is happening but also the implications of the changes and how they benefit you and your family. The Future of Medicine is the first and only book that introduces a lay audience to the megatrends transforming medical care. Dr. Stephen Schimpff comprehensively addresses the issues of health care by combining scientific fact, personal stories, and the insight of a physician/executive/consultant with vast experience in implementing new medical advances. In an accessible writing style, Dr. Schimpff is honest about what tools, techniques, and treatments are making a difference and those that are not working-at least, not yet. The Future of Medicine gives you an insider's look at the amazing revolutions in medicine now underway, including Vaccines that prevent cancer and chronic disease; Surgery simulation and robots in the operating room; Smaller, more powerful medical devices that help your heart beat, relieve depression, replace organs, and more. Understand how to take advantage of the benefits these megatrends offer in The Future of Medicine.

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