The book details my seven-year journey (ending in June 2013) of being diagnosed with a major depressive illness from the work environment and recounts the high-pressured events that led up to this illness. It covers the traumatic events of what I went through as the CEO at Fincorp (that was the first of more than fifty companies to go into liquidation in Australia/New Zealand with an industry that had more than $8 billion Australian dollars invested) to being diagnosed as totally disabled to work. It covers me being pursued by the media and being publicly humiliated plus being grilled in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. It details under oath meetings with regulators and then being asked to sign a 1,000-page statement to become a key witness for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) in three fraud cases against the owner of Fincorp and members of his family. It details my insurance company repudiating my income insurance contract and my time in a psychiatric hospital for more than ten weeks with suicidal issues. It details how three doctors reported that I am totally and permanently disabled to ever work again in the occupation I was working in consequent of the traumatic events. Finally, it covers the accounts of my lawyers successfully suing my insurers for millions of dollars under my two insurance policies.

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