Ever wondered if the world around you was not as it appeared? That there was something bigger going on you couldnt quite put your finger on? Welcome to The Seems, a secret organisation that makes sure our world keeps running. From weather, to sleep, to nightmares, The Seems is behind everything, keeping things ticking over. Unless theres a Glitch, which is where Becker Drane comes in. Becker has the coolest job of any 7th grader - he works as a Fixer for The Seems. When a Glitch is reported in the Department of Sleep, Becker is dispatched to fix it, but hes not so sure this is a routine mission. Could the Bed Bugs, who are behind our Worst Nightmares, be responsible for the problems? Or maybe its The Tide, an underground organisation bent on destroying The Seems? No matter what, Beckers in for an adventure, and itll take all his training, a little luck, and the coolest Tools known in (or out of) The Seems to Fix the problem

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