One of Britains rarest breeding birds, the Golden Oriole is also oneof its most charismatic. Females are a vivid green, while the males ofthis species are a stunning yellow and black, with an extraordinary andunforgettable song. A long-distance migrant, the orioles return tobreed in early May at just a few sites, almost all of which are inSuffolk. Jake Allsop and Paul Masons The Golden Oriole looks in detail at thebiology of this spectacular species, with sections on breeding biology,feeding ecology, evolution, population dynamics, mimicry, migration andconservation, as well as a discussion of the biology of other speciesin the genus. A colour section showcases this photogenic species tofull effect, complemented by high-quality black-and-white illustrationsthroughout. The fascinating history of the birds distribution is alsocovered extensively, stemming from the authors first-hand experienceof the battle to help the species retain a toehold in Britain. The Golden Oriole is a much-admired bird, sought by serious and casualbirders alike for the beauty of its plumage and song, as well as forits rarity. By bringing the biology of this elusive species to light,this book will prove a popular addition to the Poyser list.

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