Never take your time with your spouse for granted, for tomorrow may never come. Treasure every minute with your beloved. Make time when none exists. Put aside your work to look into your spouse's eyes and really listen. In this audio program, Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro(R), lets us in on some of the inside secrets of her successful marriage. She preaches what she practices: giving the greatest gift of all to your spouse - your time. You will learn to: Combine activities to fit your spouse time in with your &quote;other&quote; time. Turn off the technology while with your spouse. Schedule structured &quote;date night&quote; with your spouse and other good friends. Conduct a family pow-wow to discuss the upcoming week and divvy up work. Split housework with your partner so each of you is doing a fair share. Plan a long vacation each year without your children. Discover the restorative power of fun that many couples desperately need. You'll hear why time is essential to a healthy marriage. You'll understand that spending time with your spouse isn't an obligation: it's a gift. And you'll feel your time you're your spouse is the greatest treasure of all.

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