The book provides an introduction to the Green-Function (GF) theory of chemisorption. It is self-contained, and requires only a basic knowledge of quantum mechanics and solid-state physics. The GF approach lends itself well to the pedagogically desirable modellistic treatment of the subject. Throughout each chapter, step-by-step details are provided by which the calculations are performed, so that readers are led from the simple to the more advanced aspects, in a straightforward manner. In this way, students gain confidence to read the current literature on their own. This book includes: - A straightforward introduction into Green-Function Theory of Chemisorption - The mathematical foundation of the Green Function Method - Electron- electron interaction on the adatom - Demonstration of the power and versatility of the technique - Metalized semiconductor substrates as example of supported catalysts - Electronic properties of disordered binary alloys and treatment of chemisorption on such substrates - Chemisorption on electrified substrates - Implications of two atoms interacting with a substrate on adatom formation - Extensive Appendices

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