Five years ago the author was diagnosed with leukemia. He felt isolated and overwhelmed. Like other cancer patients what he needed most was to find peace of mind and meaning in what life he had remaining. Cancer is like a flame that melts and purifies you. It touches you deeply and compels you to look for reasons deep inside yourself. You look and look until ultimately, in a moment of humility, you gain a clear vision of life's illusions and you see the truth: all things change, nothing is permanent, even your life. In essence, cancer teaches you to make peace with your imperfections and with all that is unknown. Dr, Cortis' life experience as a physician and now as a patient has taught him that cancer affects the body and the mind. With proper treatment, the body recovers first. The mind, however, particularly the Ego, needs time to get well and overcome the negative emotions such as fear, depression, and a sense of the loss of one's wholeness, which linger for a long time. If you see yourself through the eyes of your mind, your imperfection and mortality make the acceptance of cancer very difficult. You need inner peace. You will find that the domain of spiritual healing lies within your heart. It is your heart that animates your being. In your heart you connect with the Divine. This book offers to you a pathway to healing in a step-by-step approach: through the body, the mind and the spirit. Dr. Cortis shares his experience as a patient and what he has learned, with insights and exercises that provide practical help in time of need.

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