In At Home with Herbs Anna Newton explains the advantages of using herbs, and provides herbal remedies to cure common ailments, and improve general health. She provides easy to follow advice on creating your own apothecary with a small numberof versatile herbs. Learn how to: prevent and treat common illnesses with a small number of natural herbs avoid some of the adverse side-effects that are common with chemical-based medicines grow and store herbs, and create tinctures, oils and ointments for a home apothecaryThis user-friendly guide to herbs and their medicinal properties explains how to deal with common illnesses, including problems of the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems, and suggests essential herbs as well as those which are also useful to have in the cupboard. It also offers advice on how to get the best out of herbs for general health, including how to maintain energy levels, increase stamina, and improve your mood. It provides information on dosages, possible allergies, and when to seek professional help. It also gives guidance on how to make your own apothecary and first-aid kit for when travelling abroad, and a list of retailers of herbs and professionnal herbalists.

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