This Learning Short-take(TM) aims to provide Managers with an understanding of their role in the training process. It also aims to provide learning and development professionals new ways to engage participants' managers without a lot of effort while gaining beneficial results. Completion of this Learning Short-take(TM) should assist you to meet your personal and organizational goals.You will be undertaking a process of self-assessment, reflection and skill review, and be able to use this awareness as a solid base for ongoing personal development and success in your role.The Learning Short-take is designed for completion in approximately 90 minutes.Learning Objectives Analyze a self-assessment regarding Manager involvement before, during and after employees' learning and development Define each element of the High Performance Learning Model Complete a High Performance Learning Model matrix for a case study and actual scenario Coach employees throughout the learning process with the aim of creating high performance Use TPC tools to assist in before and after learning conversations Create a Skill Development Action Plan.

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