The aim of this book is to help you understand the impact of economic crisis and teach you on how to equip with skills to survive and grow your wealth by making wise investmentsThe world is going through series of financial bubble bursts that started when housing industry in the United States collapsed in 2008.The United States, the world's largest economy went from being stable to critical. A lot of people lost not just their jobs but also their houses and other properties worth millions of dollars. Although the United States is making small progress, it is not enough to say that the world's largest economy is finally free from recession. GDP growth remains mediocre and unemployment rate remains depressing. This is despite the fact that Federal Reserves have been pumping trillion of dollars into the system in helping contain the problem, it only delays the inevitable. This may resulted to new crises: rising inflation and government debt. With disappointing economic news and with the debt ceiling being increased every year, many believe that the 2008 economic crisis isn't over. Unless leaders of great countries do something radical and take extremely effective measures, this financial crisis will undoubtedly lead to deflation, great depression, and great transfer for wealth. Sentiments in Japan also continue to weigh in. Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have recently instructed Japan's central bank to print more money. The move, which is known as monetary easing, aims to make the Yen cheaper and the interest rate lower. A cheaper yen is expected to make Japanese goods less expensive in the international market. However, Japan faces the risk of starting a currency crisis that is usually caused by decline in the value of Yen. If Japan's government fails to take the proper course of action, the world may face the inevitable currency crisis as early as next year. As developed countries will start to fall and as their economies will start to go down, the great and probably, the worse financial crisis will affect the whole world. The next global financial crisis will come; that's for sure. What we do not know is when it will explode into our faces. Protect yourself by knowing what's happening in the world market. Any major news can result to the collapse of the bond, stock, and Forex markets. Take action before you lose your profits and investments. Know when to get out of the market before everybody does. As early as possible, accumulate wealth by getting a good paying job and by making money online. Then, invest your money and take advantage of opportunities that are available to you. Consider investing in real estate, bonds, stock market, and foreign exchange. Most importantly, learn how to protect the wealth that you have already accumulated.

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