I don't have anyone else, "Jane Nungari said to me in 2006 when I visited her school and sought to speak with her and the other orphans who were in class eight. Jane's saying this to me, as she plaintively looked up into my eyes, has stuck with me. She became the symbol which drove me to start up Child Aid Africa-so that those academically gifted children who can not continue their education without a sponsor can find a special "someone." Just as I did when I didn't have anyone else. From my own childhood, I understand the drive to lift oneself up out of the cycle of generational poverty. That cycle which, through no fault of one's own, keeps spinning around and around, with no way out. One's only resources are prayer, perseverance, and patience. Yet with God's guidance in the form of a miraculous bringing together of the need and the servant heart, those three resources prove enough. This is the mission of Child Aid Africa: we locate the children who "don't have anyone else" and offer them the gift of using their drive to excel in their education. We give them a chance to break that cycle. You are welcome to come, read, feel and see the place of I don't Have Anyone Else.

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