Georges Feydeau (1862-1921) wrote some 60 comedies, farces, and comic monologues; I Never Cheat on My Husband was one of his last productions (1914). Often considered the greatest French comic genius since Molière, Feydeau wrote frequently about the relations between men and women in modern society. In this play, the professional artist and sexual predator, Saint Franquet, begins his pursuit of Micheline, the hitherto faithful wife of Plantaredi, in the very first act. Their off-and-on "war" between the sexes is both convincing and riotously funny, particularly when both characters begin getting on each other's nerves. Then Micheline discovers that her husband has been having an affair of his own, and she sets out to get her revenge. The humor is frank, edgy, and very modern. This is one of the great French comedies of the past century!

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