This is an entertaining book for kids under 7 years old and gives valuable information to parents about how to keep their kids safe. The author, Becca Cunningham, wrote this book after having a personal experience with window falls. In 2010, one of her three-year old sons fell from his second-story bedroom window during nap time. He landed on his head on the concrete below and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. He was temporarily paralyzed on the left side, spent 5 weeks in the hospital and then a year doing out-patient and in-home therapy. Because of this trying and traumatic experience, Becca and her husband, Jason became active members of the Stop at 4" Window Fall Prevention campaign in Portland, Oregon. In hopes of preventing others from what they endured, she has written this book. Every parent of a child under 7-years old should read, If Kids Could Float!

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