When Mitali Chakravarty turned forty, she made an extraordinary leap of faith: she moved to China with her family. Previously stationed in Singapore, her family had not lived in their native country of India since she was in her twenties. They were proudly evolving as citizens of the world. A few decades ago, China was seen as a country shrouded in mysteries. Today, China is one of the most popular destinations in the world, favoured by the sophisticated globetrotting set. Much has changed in the last few decades, when it was seen as a closed country shrouded in mystery. In her experience, no other place has managed to inspire a sense of global cooperation and community like today's China, a place where people from many cultures have found a way to live in harmony. Mitali has lived through major changes in China's systems and has seen the country become open and vibrant. Over a period of six years, she wrote In the Land of Dragons, mapping these changes. She shares her experiences on a broad variety of topics, including travelling, raising children, caring for pets, and living in a global community. She also explores how women are valued in differing cultures and what kind of things divide and connect us. With a touch of humour and a sense of vitality, she brings her unique perspective to life as a citizen of the world.

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