The interdisciplinary study of molecules in living systems at a health science campus helps to integrate the traditional disciplines of chemistry and biology by understanding the molecular mechanisms of biological processes provides an oppotunity to manipulate them in a defined and predictable way. The next century will witness more tremendous achievements of chemistry as well as its application of different fields for the benefit of mankind life in terms of healthy, good, productive and comfortable long life. This book will be an excellent issue for a rich scientific diversity in the field of Chemistry and Biology. The focus of this book is on chemical and molecular aspects of Chemical Biology. The interpretation of chemistry for biology is probably slightly broader than what commonly is referred to as Chemical Biology, thus also including topics related to molecular biology, biochemistry, ecology, semiochemicals, environmental and material sciences. There are a number of chapters including analytical chemistry, biochemical technology, bioinformatics, catalysis and nanotechnology, carbohydrate chemistry, bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry that are of interest to chemical biologists. Eurasia conference is one of the dreams for realizing the development of chemical sciences in Asia with the cooperation of European countries initiated by Prof. Dr. Hitoshi Ohtaki. Therefore, this book belonging to the Proceedings of the 9th Eurasia Conference will give an excellent overview of the progress being made in the field of Chemical Biology and dedicated to Prof. H. Ohtakis memory.

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