This is a true account of the five years I spent working in a high security jail in the UK. I include stories from prisoners; these stories were volunteered. I do not include any names or specific descriptions of individuals but rather refer to them as anonymous voices. This book provides a unique insight into life in jail arising from my unusual position as a teacher who worked outside the "normal" classroom situation, in a capacity of outreach to every prison location from the wings to the kitchens. The book charts my journey to each location in the prison and presents a 'whole' prison experience as I worked from induction (where men had recently arrived in the jail) to the wings, where some men were serving life. I present my experience, as it was, a remarkable connection with human beings, who in any other context, one might term as 'normal'. In the end this is not my story; this is their story and I leave the reader to make their own judgment.

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