SOETYONO ISKANDAR, born at Makassar South Celebes on March, 15, 1954. wife Rita Iskandar, Children Margaret Iskandar, S.I.P., M.Pd., Panji Sutrisno, S.E., Maya Caroline, S.T dan grandson Nick Owen Thio. Since March, 01, 1981 to be Civilian State Official as a lecturer Directional Technical Education Faculty, Directional Mechanical Engineering. Makassar State Univesity. Since now with depertment/position: IV/b NIP. 19540315 198103 1 004. NIDN 0015035403. Hp. 08124226167. E-mail: Curriculum Vitae were ever past as the following: (1) SR (elementary). Advent Makassar, certificate on 1965; (2) SMP (Junior). Advent Makassar, certificate on 1968; (3) SMA (Junior high school). Neg. I. Makassar, certificate on 1971; (4) Programme S1, Directional Mechanical Engineering Makassar Hasanuddin University, certificate on 1980; (5) Programme S2, Directional Mechanical Engineering, concentration energy conversion Makassara Hasanuddin University, certificate on 2003; (6) Programme S2, Directional Environmental Residence Education Makassar State University, certificate on 2007; (7) Programme Sandwich University of Illinois at 2010-2011; (8) Programme S3 (DOKTOR) study program management education Pascasarjana (PPs) Malang State University (UM), certificate on 2011. As a lecturer active in researcher and submission to community as the expert Discipline, besides teaching Directional Technical Education Faculty. Active Discussion, as Moderator, article, resource and active at local, national and international.

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