This book is a groundbreaking resource that covers both algorithms and technologies of interactive videos, so that businesses in IT and data managements, scientists, teachers, and software engineers in video processing and computer vision, coaches and instructors that use video technology in teaching, and finally end-users of hyper videos will greatly benefit from it. This comprehensive four part book contains excellent scientific and up-to-date contributions made by a number of pioneering scientists, futurists and experts in the field. The first part introduces the reader to interactive and hyper video rhetoric, algorithms and technologies. It also presents effective automatic audio-video summarization methodologies. In the second part, a list of advanced computer vision and signal processing algorithms and systems for automatic and semiautomatic analysis and editing of audio-video documents are presented. The third part tackles a more challenging level of the transformation from raw to enriched video format, filtering of the video content by extracting and linking of highlights, events, and meaningful semantic units. In particular, a detailed example of the Computational Media Aesthetics approach at work towards understanding the semantics of instructional media through automated analysis for e-learning content annotation is presented. The last part is reserved for interactive video searching engines, non-linear video content browsing and quick video navigational systems.

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