This popular textbook provides a concise, but comprehensive, overview of health research as an integrated, problem-solving process. It bridges the gap between health research methods and evidence-based clinical practice, making it an essential tool for students embarking on research. Practitioners also benefit from guidance on interpreting the ever-expanding published research in clinical and scientific journals, to ensure their practice is up to date and evidence-based and to help patients understand information obtained online.Uses simple language and demystifies research jargon Covers both quantitative and qualitative research methodology, taking a very practical approach Gives examples directly related to the health sciences. Each chapter contains a self-assessment test to that the reader can sure they know all the important points. Provides an extensive glossary for better understanding of the language of research. Supported by new interactive online version: Multiple-choice questions - with answers Self-assessment exercises - with answers Section 5 Data collection and Section 6 Descriptive Statistics to include examples of interactive online working.

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