Invisibility is inflicted upon mothers. By the nature of the job their faces disappear and their work is anonymous. They become hands, building and shaping, fashioning and carving. But what if mothers saw their role like a builder working on one of the great cathedrals?One day a man showed up on the construction site of one of the great cathedrals and saw a builder carving a tiny bird into a beam that would eventually be covered over by the roof. Puzzled, the man asked the worker, "Why are you putting so much time and effort into something no one will ever see?" It is reported that the builder replied, "Because God sees."The Invisible Woman is a moving story, a sketch performed by Nicole Johnson at the WOF conferences, that affirms women in their often unseen daily chores for their families. It includes a dedication page with the inscription: With admiration for the greatness of what you are building, when only God sees. It is sure to become a treasured gift by mothers and grandmothers everywhere.

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