First of two books set in the helter-skelter, Lor, love a duck! world of Victorian London. Featuring a cast of classic caricatures, some classic screwball comedy and a seriously scary storyline, this is entertaining and highly amusing, as well as being an accurate portrayal of life for Londons rich and poor. These fast-paced, funny books follow the capers of the three ragamuffin Perkinski brothers: Billy (5 yrs), Ned (10 yrs) and Jem (11 yrs) as they beg and borrow, steal and scrounge their way through the streets of London. These boys are proud of their professional pickpocketing skills, and know every jammy scam and dodge going. In JAMMY DODGERS ON THE RUN, Billy goes missing, and his family fear the worst, thinking hes been taken by the notorious Walworth Terror. (In fact, Billy has been grabbed by an equally evil child snatcher who kidnaps children to work as chimney sweeps.) Jem and Ned come to the rescue of their little brother, and after various comic mishaps and scary situations the boys are reunited.

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