Leadership for Everyone: How to Apply The Seven Essential Skills to Become a Great Motivator, Influencer, and Leader


An innovative framework for enhancing leadership skills in any situation Businesses today have a vital need to create individuals who can positively and progressively fill leadership roles at every level of their organizations. An award-winning leadership practitioner, Peter J. Dean has developed an exclusive method that shows how every interaction and every encounter holds opportunities for leadership. Leadership for Everyone provides the knowledge, tools, and advice to produce "everyday, everywhere" leaders who influence each situation in which they're involved as they reinforce organizational effectiveness and productivity. Managers and development professionals will learn how to move beyond simple employee supervision to develop self-directed teams that share positive ideas and goals while working beyond the status quo. The seven learnable skills in the L.E.A.D.E.R.S. MethodTM are: Listen to Learn Empathize their Emotions Attend to their Aspirations Diagnose the Details Engage with Ethics Respond with Respectfulness Speak with Specificity

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