Often referred to as a laboratory from which the general early childhood education community can learn, Head Start has benefited from more than 45 years of experience. Its unique blend of early childhood practices, assessments, and monitoring, along with a social service style approach, contribute to Head Start standing out as a premiere early childhood program.This book is designed to be a teaching tool for workshops and courses as well as an on-site resource for current and future Head Start teaching staff and others in early childhood education. By presenting background information, vignettes, research, and classroom activities, this book on school readiness combines best practices in early childhood education with relevant applications. Topics, written by experts in their fields, include:Approaches to learning and teaching strategiesAssessmentsBehavior managementClassroom set upCurriculum and lesson plansEarly language, literacy, math, science, social studies, and creative artsPhysical health and development (gross and fine motor skills)Social and emotional developmentTeaching young children with disabilities and dual language learnersTips for involving parents in their children's education

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