Burning the midnight oil is harmful to employees and employers. But deadlines loom, e-mail piles up, and your star employee has put in another thirteen-hour day. How can leaders keep key people producing at high levels but not leave the organization from overwork and stress? In this ebook, Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro(R), will teach you how to: Articulate the long and short-term benefits of high productivity Create a win/win dual contract of productivity Select the best method of communication for your purpose Create a code of conduct for meetings Learn email courtesies and protocol to avoid wasting others' time Use voice mail as a productivity tool and use proper etiquetteProduce guidelines for reducing interruptions at work. You'll hear behavioral techniques to help you spend fewer hours at work. You'll find out how to discuss productivity improvements with key organization leaders. And you'll understand why productivity initiatives are important in the context of helping employees leave the office on time, lead a more balanced life, and increase job satisfaction.

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