An exciting, uplifting memoir about one woman’s resilience and enthusiasm for life from birth to 78 years which, by example, shows life need not end after tragedy. In a succinct, down to earth, confidential manner, Lee shares:• Alabama farm life in the 1930s including pulling a litter of pigs out of mama pig at age five.• The heartbreak of love lost.• The creative excitement of being a professional ballroom dancer/model.• The pleasure of being Bobby Darin’s lover.• The intrigue of traveling Europe with a man sought by the FBI.• The passion of breeding top working dogs and training them through Schutzhund.• The honor of co-authoring a successful book on Min Pin dogs and finishing her own champions.• The survival of several near death experiences like piloting her Cessna plane into a spin toward the ocean, rolling a pickup three times and having her heart stop for 10 minutes after surgery.• The pain of losing one husband in a car accident, another to diabetes and a third one when she threw him out.• The grace of finding solace and healing through her art.• The joy of returning to ballroom dancing at age 76 and finding love with a friend from 50 years earlier.

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