Limbo is a character driven environmental murder mystery set in the shifting sands of Jamaica’s environmental policies. Flora is the dynamic leader of an environmental organization set to expose the corporate greed and political hypocrisy that has polluted so much of the Jamaica’s once pristine coastal environment. Funding difficulties as well as personal crises loom as Flora attempts to take on the big business of the hotel industry despite threats to her life. Old friends and revelations from the past surface to reveal that all is not what it seems to be. A new lover tempts Flora to consider a life that she has pushed away for years, causing her to ask herself the fundamental questions: How does one change a life? How does one change a society?When a film-maker dies trying to document environmental degradation, the plot heats up as Flora races the clock to expose the culprits before she herself becomes a victim.With fantastic characters steeped in Jamaican culture and language, LIMBO is both a fluid, fun mystery and a seething condemnation of Jamaican’s political and environmental turmoil.

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