Have you ever been totally flummoxed? One imagines that we all have - at one time or another. But, as dumbfounded, as Jason Rutkowski? On September 11, 2001, he's beside himself -- when so many people, in the Detroit area, appear to be completely unconcerned about 747s being flown into skyscrapers. An overwhelmingly-bewildering situation, for him! To add to his problems, he's summarily sent home early, from his job. He spots an old-time locomotive -- in the middle of a field! He boards the train -- and it begins to move! When it pulls into Michigan Central Depot, close by downtown Detroit, he's in 1942! A few months after Pearl Harbor! Here is a young man who -- for his entire lifetime -- has been beaten down, Mostly, by an overbearing mother, and an unprincipled employer. And now he's confronted with having to face life -- in a totally-unfamiliar culture! In amongst a world of people -- all of whom are perfect strangers!

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