Sue is looking for male company to add something extra to her life. On the advice of her daughter, she works up the courage to dabble in online dating-but she's not convinced it's the right approach for her. After a lifetime of unfulfilled expectations, she's still wrestling with her own insecurities and lack of confidence. A proudly independent woman, she is unwilling to sacrifice her identity or happiness to be with a man just for the sake of having a relationship. Mike is on his own quest for a meaningful connection. Even after all these years, women remain a mystery to him. Is loving a woman the same thing as lusting after her? He hopes to find a soul mate who inspires both, but his own insecurities keep getting in the way. A chance encounter on a coastal walk could provide the answer they've both been seeking, and an unexpected and passionate affair ensues. Now both must face their conflicting views about love and sex and about age and connection. Their sexual relationship is intense and unfettered, not hampered by age or the late-life expectations of others. Can you find love-or does love find you? Are desire, sex, and obsession possible at any age? For Mike and Sue, two strangers on parallel quests for late-life love, life after sixty becomes lovelier, lustier, and more complicated than either could have previously imagined.

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