Mama Called the Doctor is the poignant memoir of a suburban stay-at-home Mom, who at the age of thirty-eight, became pregnant with her fourth child and began her unbelievable journey from personal tragedy and heartache to self-acceptance and peace. Antoinette Romana was living a dream life with her husband Angelo and three children when she received a shocking phone call from her doctor after her amniocentesis. Her precious baby had Down syndrome, and Antoinette and her husband had just four days to make an agonizing decision that would ultimately change their lives forever. Antoinette details her conversations with family members who backed her with unwavering support and also her dialogue with the doctors and counselors who shared their honest, sometimes emotionless feedback as she and Angelo bravely faced a difficult situation head-on with great strength, faith in God, and an unwavering love for each other. Antoinette shares her openly honest and heartfelt story of survival with the hope that in reaching out, she will help those who have traveled on the same journey know that they are not alone.

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