Manure Pathogens: Manure Management, Regulations, and Water Quality Protection: Manure Management, Regulation, and Water Quality Protection


A Complete Guide to Manure Pathogen ManagementThis comprehensive volume provides in-depth information on the management of potentially harmful pathogens present in the manure of agricultural animals, including cattle, pigs, and chickens. Developed by the Water Environment Federation, this book brings together experts in the fields of pathogens, manure management, water purification, and regulations. Manure Pathogens offers strategies for ensuring the protection of the animals producing the manure, the public that may be exposed to these wastes, and the environment. Regulatory guidelines are included throughout the book. Manure Pathogens covers:Concentrated animal feeding operationsPathogen removal from drinking waterViral transmission through animal manureBacterial pathogens, parasites, and antibiotics in manureThe effects of manure pathogens on humansPersistence and transport of pathogens in soil and waterDetecting parasites in environmental samplesPathogen destruction in solids and effluentsIndustrial compostingOn-farm manure processingValue-added products from manure and municipal biosolids

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