Reinvent the Sales Process in Your Own OrganizationTodays sales professionals have to find a way to contribute to their customers ability to satisfy their own customers and achieve their critical business goals. --Dale Hayes, Vice President of Sales, UPS The old world of buying them a scotch and having a great dinner is not enough.... The speed of change, the availability of information to your customers, and aggressive global competition has produced a new playing field. --Rick Cheatham, Sales Director, Information Processing & Systems Division, Avery DennisonLet the worlds best sales forces show you a new way of selling that redefines success. Todays competitive edge belongs to the salespeople who deeply understand their customers businesses and who accelerate the rate at which their customers realize tangible business results. The Mind of the Customer explores the ways leading companies like UPS, Toyota, Nokia, and others achieve exceptional performance. The book builds on the proven performance-improvement training techniques of The Real Learning Company to supply sales and marketing professionals with a dynamic, straightforward plan to:Improve profitabilityRaise productivityIncrease customer satisfactionRich graphical models illustrate key concepts, while contributions from industry leaders provide eye-opening perspectives on how sales in changing--and how you can create competitive advantage amidst that change.

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