Our children are the most precious gifts in this world. They are our joy. They are our future. They are our very lives. But who is to guide them? How do they learn what to do with what they have? So many people are abused from early age. Some carry that for the remainder of their lives and they pass the affliction from generation to generation. Many are not physically abused, and yet they still suffer from the lack of knowledge. Eric was a beautiful boy on his way to manhood. He never learned about the responsibilities of love and sex. Come along on this journey of a young, charismatic teenager whose charm and naivety lead him into a world of which he never knew existed. He, like many children are misguided into believing that there is no consequence to their actions. This story is a testimony to the survival of a global epidemic that continues to deteriorate the very fabric of our societies. Protect our children. Remember it is not always what we teach them that directs their paths in life; inevitably it is what we don't. Love must be guided. Misguided love will undoubtedly fail.

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