For thousands of years, scholars, even without the help of advanced technology, were able to plot the courses of planets and stars with such accuracy that cosmic events could be predicted decades in advance. Yet something crucial was missing; their calculations were consistently just a little bit off. They had yet to discover that the sun was the center of the solar system.This is a good metaphor for the experience of many Christians. They have put their trust in Christ alone for the forgiveness of their sins. They desire to please God with their life. Yet something crucial is missing. Their day-to-day experience of faith lacks the vitality they know it should have. The solution could not be simpler.In the same way the solar system orbits the sun so must the life of a Christian orbit Jesus. When Christians see that Jesus is at the center of everything the results are revolutionary. Charles and Janet Morris have discovered this themselves, shown it to others over their years of ministry, and now use four basic truths to show the reader.Creation is all about Jesus.The Scriptures are all about Jesus.Salvation is all about Jesus.Life is meant to be all about Jesus.

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